Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Neal A. Maxwell and Moroni state why I chose to focus on humility and meekness for the next little bit.

"The Greek rendition of the word meek in the New Testament, by the way, is “gentle and humble.

Actually, meekness is not an attribute which is essential only in itself, said Moroni. It is also vital because one cannot develop those other crucial virtues—faith, hope, and charity—without meekness.

In the ecology of the eternal attributes, these cardinal characteristics are inextricably bound up together. Among them, meekness is often the initiator, facilitator, and consolidator.

In fact, if one needs any further persuasion as to how vital this virtue is, Moroni warned, “none is acceptable before God, save the meek and lowly in heart.” (Moro. 7:43–44.) If we could but believe, really believe, in the reality of that bold but accurate declaration, you and I would find ourselves focusing on the crucial rather than the marginal tasks in life! We would then cease pursuing lifestyles which, inevitably and irrevocably, are going out of style!

Even so, why the stress on meekness? Merely because it is nice to be nice? The reasons are far more deeply embedded in the “plan of happiness” than that!

Perhaps, brothers and sisters, what we brought with us as intelligence into our creation as spirit children constitutes a “given” within which even God must work. Add to that possibility the clear reality of God’s deep commitment to our free agency—and we begin to see how essential meekness is! We need to learn so much, and yet we are free to choose! (See 2 Ne. 2:27.) How crucial it is to be teachable! There “is no other way” in which God could do what He has declared it is His intent to do. No wonder He and His prophets emphasize meekness time and time again!"

-Neal A. Maxwell, "Meekness—A Dimension of True Discipleship"

These are just a few quotes from the wonderful talk. I highly recommend reading the whole thing. I will be posting more from it tomorrow.

Link to Elder Maxwells Talk

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