Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Organization Tip- Tuesday

Allow Good Habits to Simplify Your Lives

Make it a habit to pick up as you go along. Try to teach other members of the family this. Daryl Hoole says, "Even without thinking my husband, Roger, straightens couch cushions, arranges throws, and picks up small scraps off the floor as he walks through a room."
If anyone has a tip on how to get family members to do this, I could use it!

Do Not Put it Down; Put it Away

It is not considerate of others to litter. It usually requires no more effort and no more thought (once a habit is formed) to put something away properly than to leave it our. Get in the habit of picking up and putting away items as you walk through your house and yard.
-Daryl Hoole and Daughters, "The Ulitmate Career, The Art of Homemaking for Today"

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