Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pres. Monsons Hallmarks of a Happy Home

1) Pattern of Prayer: pray for each child out loud in front of them for the things that you want for them in their life, ex: "please bless that Johnny will keep himself worthy to go on a mission and marry in the temple when the time comes." Also, pray for spouses out loud in front of them and thank Heaven Father for all of their good qualities.

2) Library of Learning: always have the best books around. He says that the scriptures are a Library unto them selves...STUDY daily with your children!!!

3) Legacy of Love: basically just being a good example of love. Loving towards children, spouse and involving your children in service to others.

4) Treasury of Testimony: we need to make sure that as our children grow they aren't only leaning on our testimony but truly gaining one of their own. We need to teach them to reverence Christ.

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