Sunday, January 25, 2009


I feel that I need to add some inspirational things on MARRIAGE. A few weeks ago in my ward, a high councilman stood up in priesthood and said that the marriages in our ward were really struggling. He said that there were many ladies who felt that they would go up to Heaven and tell Christ that they didn't want to be with their husbands for eternity. This is very sad and I'm sure it's not unique to my ward. I know there are many out there struggling with their marriages to different degrees. Whatever degree of problems you are experiencing, I hope that somehow something on this blog may help.

I ask that anyone who would like to share things that have helped them in their marriage please do so by emailing me at I will then post it on the blog. We can all help each other. Each one of us has been through different struggles and maybe the advice you have will be just the thing someone needs. I would also be interested in books or articles you have read that might help. Thank you.

"Humility is a major ingredient of a happy life and a happy marriage." -C. Richard Chidester

My sister-in-law, Sarah, just sent this in. She said it is a wonderful Ensign article on marriage from about 4 years ago. It is called, "Falling Out of Love...And Climbing Back In"
Please read it by going to the sidebar under the section titled "Marriage" and click on "Falling Out of Love...And Climbing Back In"

(I have posted some links to articles on the sidebar title "Marriage")

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