Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Blessing For Children

Elder Jeffery R. Holland writes, Nephi-like, might we ask our selves, what do our children know? From us? Personally? Do our children know that we love the scriptures? Do they see us reading them and marking them and clinging to them in daily life? Have our children ever unexpectedly opened a closed door and found us on our knees in prayer? Have they heard us not only pray with them but also pray for them out of nothing more then sheer parental love? Do our children know we believe in fasting as something more that an obligatory first-Sunday-of-the-month hardship? Do they know that we have fasted for them and for their future on days about which they knew nothing? Do they know we love being in the temple, not least because it provides a bond to them that neither death nor the legions of hell can break? Do they know we love and sustain local and general leaders, imperfect as they are, for their willingness to accept callings they did not seek in order to preserve a standard of righteousness they did not create? Do those children know that we love God with all our heart and that we long to see the face - and fall at the feet - of His Only Begotten Son? I pray that they know this.

-Elder Jeffery R. Holland, Broken Things to Mend

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