Thursday, January 22, 2009

Charity Bears

My great friend Nathalie made what she calls "Charity Bears." They are so adorable and the are a great way to brighten someones day, unify wards or just let someone know you are thinking of them. You just drop them off at someones home and leave it there anonymously. There is a poem attached that reads...

Hello My Friend!I am here to bring you joy
Don't mistake me for a funny little toy,
I've been thinking of you
With a smile that rings true.
I love you with a beautiful love
That comes from the Lord up above.
Enjoy me, love me and hug me for a few days
Then let another sister feel my loving ways.
Pass me along to a friend in our ward
Someone who needs love from you and the Lord
(This is from Nathalie's website)
Now, Picture this:
You have just received "joybear" on your doorstep. She is adorable and so soft. You don't know who brought her to you, but you are happy someone is thinking of you. How sweet! You enjoy the cuddly teddy bear for several days, then start to think about who else would benefit from having "joybear". It's so much fun to think about, you wish you had more than one teddy bear to give away. But in the end you decide (with inspiration, perhaps) on THE person who needs her most, then you go deliver Joybear and feel the smiles.
*She gave me 3 of them and let me say, they are very cute!
She just made them and will be getting pictures of them up very soon but for now you can read her blog at


  1. Thank you for this blog. My friend posted on her blog about it, so I checked it out. I really appreciate the focus being on uplifting the spirit and brightening the days of mothers. I will continue to read!

  2. Thank you so much. If you have anything you would like to add I would love to post it (scriptures, thoughts, talks, websites, recipes, inspiration great books or anything else you can think of. I will post only your first name to keep your privacy. Just email me at

    Thanks again.