Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank You Week

I've been wanting to get my kids involved in some service type activities but never know what to do. I found a book at Deseret Book called, 52 Weeks of Fun Family Service, and it has some good ideas. Some of the ideas are a bit out of my comfort zone, like the "Sing to Seniors" week because my husband and I sound like hungry, dying alley cats when we sing and I don't think that would be of service to ANYONE. However, this week is "Thank You" week. This we CAN do (or at least I thought we could do it). You just make a list of people that you and your children would like to thank (church leaders, teachers, friends, neighbors) and then have them draw pictures (if they are really young) and then write a little note. Then you can make a thank you tree. You cut out leaves and write things you are grateful for on each leaf and then glue or tape them to the tree. I think it sounds like a cute idea but when I suggested it to my 2 oldest kids I was met with 2 temper tantrums about how there is no one they want to thank and they will not draw a picture or write anything to anyone. I love this idea and hope it works for someone! :)

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  1. Sorry it didn't work. Maybe you can try it again after a while and they will just love it.